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Dust explosion knowledge

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Dust explosion knowledge
Dust explosion knowledge

The conditions for dust explosion


A: Ignition source


· Mechanical friction and collision


· Electrical spark


· Hot surface


· Electrostatic discharge


· Dust spontaneous combustion


· Fire


B: Dust Cloud


Explosion range: The dust cloud can occur explosion only in a certain concentration of dust . This concentration range is the explosion range.


Lower explosion limit: Minimum dust concentration that can explode.


Upper limit of explosion: the magnitude is nearly 100 times of the lower explosion limit.


C: Factors effect dust explosion


· Dust type


The explosive parameters of grain dust are very close. The explosion pressure of grain dust is generally less than 1MPa. The rice starch and corn starch explosion index is relatively high, up to 19MPa.m / s and 16MPa.m / s.



· Particle size distribution


When the dust particle size reaches 250μm or more, it is not easy to form the dust cloud. When the dust particle size is less than 75μm, it is easy to form the dust cloud.



· Moisture content


When the dust contents more than 10% moisture, it is not easy to explode. When the dust content less than 5% moisture, it is easy to explode.



D:Dust explosion parameter


Explosion pressure: Pmax


Explosion index: Kst


Minimum ignition energy: MIE


The minimum ignition temperature of the dust layer: MIT-L(AIT)


Dust cloud minimum ignition temperature: MIE-L


Lower explosion limit: (LEL,MEC)


Limit oxygen content: LOC


Dust resistivity: DR



E: Dust explosion site


Dust explosion usually occur in processing line of aluminum powder, zine powder, plastic powder, dyestuff, corn flour, flour, milk powder, medicine intermediate, coal dust and wood bits ect.



Dust explosion knowledge







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