1080P 2.4G wireless camera long range video system Tower Crane hook advisor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Model Number: CRANE STAR500
Frequency Band: 5.8G Brand: SAKIA
Waterproof: IP68 Compatibility: Universal
Material: Aluminum Alloy Mount Type: Magnet
Pan Angle: 360° Product Name: CRANE HOOK CAMERA
Weight: 1.2kg Dimension: 95x55x100mm
Power: 12V DC

High definition long range video transmission system

How to use CraneSTAR-500
First, you need to decide what angle you want to display on the monitor. As long as you want, you can deploy the CraneSTAR-500 camera anywhere on the construction site.
For example, on the hook of the crane, in any corner of the construction site or in the cab, on the boom of the crane, or behind the cab, that is, anywhere the driver wants to see
Since our camera, battery and repeater are all equipped with matching high-strength magnets, you can easily place the camera battery and repeater on any iron place. Then you need to do 3 things,
First: Plug one end of the wire into the camera and the other end of the wire into the battery.
Second: Connect the 12V DC power supply to the repeater
Third: Turn on the monitor and open the video APP
In this way, you can immediately see the picture you want on the monitor

What is the wireless transmission performance of CraneSTAR-500?
CraneSTAR-500 can transmit high-definition 1080P digital images within 500 meters without any pressure. The signal of CraneSTAR-500 cannot pass through a huge entire building, while it can easily pass through one to two floors of concrete walls, or three floors. To the fifth floor wooden walls and some small obstacles.
Is the signal of CraneSTAR-500 stable?
It is very stable and can usually work continuously for 5-10 hours without the obstruction of huge buildings without any screen freezes or freezes.
In addition to being used on cranes, where can CraneSTAR-500 be used?
CraneSTAR-500 has a wide range of applications, such as oil fields, offshore drilling platforms, giant oil tankers, terminal container cranes, etc.
How much does CraneSTAR cost?
The price of CraneSTAR's complete set is only 20% of similar international products.
The price of CraneSTAR is unbelievable, but is its quality authentic?
You don’t need to worry about the quality of CraneSTAR,
We provide a 3-5 year quality guarantee. If our equipment is damaged due to improper use or harsh environment during use, we can provide free replacement service.


This is a wireless sending camera, 2 megapixels 20X zoom, the interface is 5.8G--wifi antenna and 12V-DC power supply,
This is a wireless repeater. It can transmit video with the camera across 500 meters. At the same time, connect it to the mobile phone through WIFI and you can control the camera on the mobile phone. It has 3 antennas and a 5-12V-DC power plug. Very easy to connect
Both the camera and repeater are IP68 waterproof.

In the past, during the operation of the crane, before the use of products similar to CraneSTAR, the crane driver needed to follow the orders of the remote commander.
Due to obstacles or long distances, the driver cannot clearly see the status of the work area and can only rely on the commander's orders to operate the crane. However, relying solely on the information heard is very easy to make mistakes, resulting in production accidents.
After installing CraneSTAR, you can see the scene at close range from another angle, which greatly improves safety.

1080P 2.4G  wireless camera long range video system Tower Crane hook advisor 0



Resolution: 1920x1080 / 2MP 20x zoom
Power Supply: 12V DC
Waterproof: IP67
Dimension: 65x65x100mm/ 85x85x140mm
Weight: 0.8kgs/ 1.1kgs



Effective distance: 500 meters
Frequency band: 2.4G
Power Supply: 5-12V DC
Waterproof: IP67
Dimension: 95x55x100mm
Weight: 0.7kgs



Capacity: 5000mah
Power Out: 12V DC
Power In: 5-12V DC
Waterproof: IP67
Supply Time: 30 hours/20 hours
Dimension: 100x55x160mm
Weight: 1.2kgs


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