Harbor Crane zoom camera wireless long range video transmission system hook camera

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Model Number: CRANE STAR500
Frequency Band: 5.8G Brand: SAKIA
Waterproof: IP68 Compatibility: Universal
Material: Aluminum Alloy Mount Type: Magnet
Pan Angle: 360° Product Name: CRANE HOOK CAMERA
Weight: 1.2kg Dimension: 95x55x100mm
Power: 12V DC

High definition long range video transmission system

Harbor Crane zoom camera wireless long range video transmission system hook camera 0



Resolution: 1920x1080 / 2MP 20x zoom
Power Supply: 12V DC
Waterproof: IP67
Dimension: 65x65x100mm/ 85x85x140mm
Weight: 0.8kgs/ 1.1kgs



Effective distance: 500 meters
Frequency band: 2.4G
Power Supply: 5-12V DC
Waterproof: IP67
Dimension: 95x55x100mm
Weight: 0.7kgs



Capacity: 5000mah
Power Out: 12V DC
Power In: 5-12V DC
Waterproof: IP67
Supply Time: 30 hours/20 hours
Dimension: 100x55x160mm
Weight: 1.2kgs

The CraneSTAR can be installed on the hook block of the crane pulling the drill, and allow the crane operator to keep an eye on every movement. This type of enhanced visual information for the operator leads to productivity. Installing the CraneSTAR is really easy and takes only a couple of seconds. You can easily install it on the hook block of the crane, or at any location on the site. CraneSTAR is protected by a suitcase size transport case that enables relocating between different sites.

Drilling rigs are used extensively in different drilling projects and have a very long reach. These massive machines drill the earth’s surface quite deeply, and need to be handled very carefully. The crane section that helps to lift the drilling machine up and down plays an important role in the productivity of the equipment. Line of sight is very limited on such job sites, and hence safety becomes priority. We recommend using CraneSTAR as an offshore rig camera system to increase safety and productivity for the entire rig.

Wireless Tower Crane Camera System
Wireless Tower Crane/Mobile Crane Zoom Camera System

CraneSTAR is a wireless system that can be quickly and easily deployed to the hook block or boom tip of a crane.

The sound and view from below the camera is then transmitted and received wirelessly via the antenna systems to a screen in the cab.

This allows the operator to see and hear the load and surroundings, giving an unobstructed, live, audio-visual feed of the critical areas that working in the blind would never allow.
1 On the Hook Block and/or Boom Tip
The Sensor captures the audio-visual feed and sends it to the transmitter. The signal is then transmitted to a repeater on the Jib, Boom or Cab. The battery powers both the Transmitter and the Sensor. Each component attaches magnetically and can be mounted on the block, including between the cheek plates and on the boom tip.
2 Repeater on the Jib/Boom and/or Cab
The Repeater receives the wireless signal from the transmitter and is relayed back to a monitor in the cab. The Repeater position and configuration is dependent on the type of crane, type of jib/boom and length of jib/boom.
3 In the Operator’s Cab
The live audio-visual feed is then processed and displayed on the screen positioned inside the cab, allowing the operator to see and hear live footage of everything below the camera.
Reducing The Hazards
A high percentage of crane-related injuries are caused by uncontrolled loads striking personnel in the area surrounding the hook block; this is an extremely hazardous area where 21% of injuries occur. With CraneSTAR fitted the operator now has eyes and ears in that zone to make the necessary corrections to avoid any incidents.Reduce Impacts & Collisions
Modern construction sites are becoming more and more congested and as buildings are going higher, crane operators are required to place their loads in even more restricted and tighter areas than before. The probability of impacts and collisions are still as great if not more so. Having CraneSTAR fitted with its clear and uninterrupted audio-visual feed allows the operator to respond to any adjustments to avoid any potential accidents before they happen

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